Monday, November 01, 2010

Reviewers wanted

One of the most dispiriting aspects of book publishing these days is the disappearance of outlets for reviews. Once upon a time there were hundreds of newspapers that ran book reviews. Today there's just a handful. The result is that many, many books get no reviews in the mainstream book reviews.

I've been lucky to have Brave Girl Eating mentioned in a couple of magazines. Thanks to those editors! And a number of bloggers have reviewed it too, and I am grateful. Thank you!

Still, reviews are important to people considering buying the book, and so I'm asking you, dear readers, if you would consider writing a review of the book on if you haven't already. The book has been doing reasonably well and I'd love to see that momentum continue. New reviews help, believe it or not.

You have my eternal gratitude. :)


Hetty said...

Not only the US needs review, (Canada)as well. Thank you Harriet for your courage to reach out and ask for help. Together we can!

Anonymous said...

Reading...reading....on page 157. I will definitely write a review.It is like reading my thoughts on paper. You are me....or I am you. My 14 year old daughter is in treatment for disordered eating as I write. Thank you from my entire heart. I happened across this book at the library yesterday and with shaking hands opened the be understood. And glimpse into my daughter's life and glimpse into mine is to "get it".

Wendy said...

I just finished your book. I couldn't put it down. There is so much I could say.... I have restricted all my life and just in this past year, my 33rd year, I am finally eating enough food each day and I finally feel good, even though my weight is ten pounds higher than it's ever been in my life. It's hard. Reading your book made me think about so many things. I will write a review. Also just noticed that you live in upstate ny and so do I--small world.

Christine said...

This isn't really a comment on your last blog post, as the 'email me' link does not allow those using shared computers to email you as it opens the computer's email program rather than allowing one to choose a web based log in such as Hotmail, gmail etc. So this is a general thanks and query...

THANK YOU so very much for 'Brave Girl Eating'...for dispelling common myths and without mention of weights, such a book on this topic is a rare and valuable find.

Thank you for fighting for your daughter's life. Thank you for sharing the journey with the world. Thank you for speaking out about the truth of anorexia.

You suggest that it might be more appropriate to define anorexia nervosa as an inability to maintain normal weight rather than a refusal to. For years I was asked "why do you refuse to eat? to gain weight?" and I never knew how to answer because I didn't want to be sick, I wasn't refusing to eat, as much as I couldn't eat. I didn't choose chose me. Thank you for making this clear to others-and to me.

Thank you for exploring the ridiculous, yet pervasive idea that having a 'little bit of anorexia' is a desirable thing. I was amazed and terrified to hear from some of the health professionals treating me that they desired a little bit of anorexia (If I could have given it away I would bid the hell goodbye would have been pure joy). More times than I can count on my fingers, a clinician, nurse or doctor has said to me things like "Do you have any dieting tips that I might use to lose a few kilos quickly?", "How do you do it? I wish I could just leave food on my plate?". No wonder most ED patients relapse or never recover when our health professionals seem to think that an eating disorder is merely a diet-gone-wrong or something to be envied.

In short, thank you Harriet and thank you to Kitty and the rest of the Brown clan for agreeing to share your journey to inspire and give hope to others. You all ROCK!

Are you planning to come to Australia in the not too distant future? The Maudsley Method is becoming increasingly popular in treating anorexia here and I know some treatment centers here are modifying Maudsley for older clients. However, in some states, treatment for those who are over 25 or who have EDs other than anorexia cannot get treatment at all...or they are availed as little as 5 hours of CBT before being discharged. Australia needs all the help it can get ;o)

Sorry this is long, I don't mind if you don't post it...I just want you to know that yet another of the myriad of little people appreciate your work and find out if you intend to come Down Under.

Thank you for reading.

Harriet said...

Wendy, Get in touch offline if you like--I'd be glad to have coffee with you.

Christine, thank you for your very kind words. I would love to come to Australia and I agree--things are getting going there but it needs more people talking about it and more info getting out there.

Kitty's the real Brave Girl here.

Anyway, I'd love to figure out a way to come to Australia. If you have any ideas . . . :)

Be well--

Leslie said...

Unbelievable.... I'm nearly 33 years old and my journey (and my family's journey) through anorexia is literally almost identical to your family's. I read this book in 8 hours, pouring over the insight, filling my mind with all your amazing research and perspectives.... imagining my mom and dad in your shoes.... AND there is hope~ I've now lived life without anorexia for 14 years..... I'm the mother of 3, been married for 11 years, happy and so grateful for my family and the select doctors who saw me through the misery of my disease. I send Dr. Stephen Wonderlich (referenced in your works cited)an annual letter, usually at Christmas, thanking him for sticking with our family and with me through it all..... ultimately, I made it though because my mom, dad, brother and Dr. Wonderlich along with a handful of MD's didn't give up on me...... Anyway, THANK YOU for sharing your story with us..... There is HOPE and your daughter is on her way~ and someday she will recognize you as her hero, just as I recognize those who kept me alive in those dark, dark days of anorexia.