Wednesday, June 18, 2008

If your child has an eating disorder, read on. . . .

I've written before and recently about how eating disorders affect the entire family. E.d.s are incredibly stressful for both sufferers and the people who love them.

So I was interested to see this study, showing that even mild stress, if it's chronic, affects cognitive abilities in rats. It makes them forget things they've just learned and alters their neuroimmune and neuroendocrine systems.

Of course this applies to any families dealing with acute or chronic illness.

Me, I'm glad to know that there were sound physiological reasons for my post-recovery meltdowns. So if your child is doing well (and especially if she's not), and you're forgetful, irritable, can't concentrate--just know that it's not your fault and that there are good reasons for your brain drain.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A headline I couldn't resist

Obesity Researchers May Need Jaws Wired Shut

Warning: There's an egregious fattie picture accompanying this article--not headless but with eyes rolled back in ecstasy? abandon? seizure? as the fork is lifted. But there are some pretty good lines in here.