Saturday, July 09, 2011

OT: Veterans and mental health

Indulge me in a slight change of subject this morning, to the very real problem of health care for veterans. Specifically, mental health care.

It's well known that veterans who return from war struggle with a slew of mental health issues. And it's very well known that suicide is a major problem among active-duty personnel and vets, as this editorial in the New York Times points out. There were more than 295 suicides last year among active-duty soldiers. Kudos to President Obama for at least starting the process of, as he put it, "destigmatizing the mental health costs of war."

But we need to ramp up the conversation. We need to keep talking about the issue of war and mental health. We need to acknowledge that war damages people, that veterans struggle, and we need to do more to help them once they've done the dirty work of fighting for us. This blog explores some of the issues. Please take a minute to visit and leave a comment, and tweet the link to the blog. It's time we talked about it.