Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another brave girl eating

There are many roads to recovery from an eating disorder. Unfortunately, they're all hard roads. Some are longer, some are shorter, but all of them are steep and scary and require immense courage and persistence and support.

Which is why I find myself so moved by the story of Sofia Benbahmed, a young woman who's fighting through a long recovery made even longer by the fact that her insurance company refuses to cover her treatment. When I look into Sofia's face, I see my own daughter--the same spark, the same hope, and the same terror.

Please take a minute to read about Sofia and her struggle, and help her if you can--for all the brave girls out there.

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Anonymous said...

It makes me so angry when inurance companies do this kind of crap!! The girl clearly needs help and the company refuses! That just makes me so mad! I'm dealing with a similar issue right now so I can totally resonate with what this girl is going through!