Friday, January 11, 2008

And the winners are . . .

You all could be making tons of money as high-paid marketing shills for Big Pharma. But I'm glad you're not.

And the winners of the Taranabant marketing slogan contest are:

Letitshine's "Taranabant: Because food is bad." Because, you know, that's what people really really think, deep down.

bigmovesbabe's "Taranabant: Because nothing tastes as good as anxiety feels." For its social satire of That Other Tagline.

And finally, littlem's "Taranabant: Rimonabant Duzn't Wurk On Fattiez, So We Tryz Agen" just because I think it's hilarious. And oh so true.

I'll award more prizes if you keep the entries coming. Meanwhile, congratulations to our 3 lucky winners. Send me your address and T-shirt size and I'll send you a prize. :-)


littlem said...


I can haz PRIZE?!?!

I'm so excited. I've never won anything but David Sanborn tickets, which would have been great except his promoters canceled the concert. And never rescheduled.

Seriously, I feel like I've been asked to eat lunch with the cool kids.

"I'd like to thank the Academy ..."

Harriet, do we send our addresses to your address in your outside profile?

Harriet said...

Yes ma'am, you can haz prize!

Send me your T-shirt size and snail mail address to hnbrown at tds dot net.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I won something! yaaay!

To celebrate, I will have a Sundae. A large one. With lots of stuff on it. Yummy stuff. Stuff that tastes good.