Monday, July 23, 2007

Now it's women who work who cause obesity

At least according to this article from across the pond, which cites a correlation between between working mothers and obesity that is so specific, it's laughable. According to researchers at the UCL Institute of Child Health in Scotland,

children are more likely to be overweight for every ten hours a mother
worked. This risk increases in the highest-earning families.

They theorize that children of working mothers "have less access to healthy foods and physical activities."

You've gotta admire those obesity researchers--they can find a risk factor in just about anything.


Anonymous said...

"This risk increases in the highest-earning families."

How strange--doesn't this "news" conflict with the usual "experts" line that it's poverty and lower incomes that cause obesity? You're right--they'll find blame in everything people do or don't do.

Anonymous said...
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Harriet said...
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Carrie Arnold said...

And Lord forbid the husbands learn how to cook and play with their kids.

Sheesh. They managed to whack two stereotypes in one. That's pretty talented.

mary said...

Never mind work. Let's blame mothers. LOL

Haven't mother's ALWAYS worked?

Carrie Arnold said...


Hell yes! I only got a glimpse when I babysat in high school (it was more of a part time nanny job) and yes, it was work.

Every mother is a working mother.

RioIriri said...

These studies to find out what "causes" fatness (I refuse to use the o word) are all based on a false premise to begin with: That fatness is a bad thing to be prevented or eliminated.

What a waste of resources.