Saturday, July 28, 2007

Maybe the best commentary on the "obesity is contagious" study

And this commentary was published in Poland, where I have no idea what the popular stance is on issues of fat and thin.

Whoever this writer is, s/he gets it and has fun with it. So read up.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen this post by Tigtog?

Hospitals unable to cope with the influx of ED patients. Including the sad case of one "obese" girl who was taken to an obesity clinic by her parents and couldn't stop trying to be ever thinner.

Harriet said...

Hi la di da,

That is incredibly sad and incredibly unsurprising. I'm terrified that the current emphasis on "healthy eating" and "the obesity epidemic"--especially in middle schools--is going to trigger a lot of vulnerable kids into eating disorders. In fact you can pretty much predict that in 5-10 years we're going to see an uptick in the incidence rate.

But try getting anyone to pay attention to that.

mary said...

It's just plain ridiculous thinking to choose people for friends based on size and she's so right about this topic. We need to choose whomever we like as friends!
I have often looked at what the 'thinner' people I know of, do, besides genetics, to be thin. I've known people who've done some outrageous things all in order to worship the holy scale they think should dictate their lives.
If scientists took a moment to study what insane things the world has been manipulated into doing just to maintain their bodies they might think twice about recommending, indirectly of course, that we stay far away from heavier people. These people may very well be the sanest of all of us, those who can accept their natural size without feeling compelled to go out and run nowhere or spend hours obsessed with themselves just to stay fit. Or smoke, or yo yo diet,live in gyms, or take drugs, or worse.
When did sanity become a 'bad' thing? And why should we need to defend it?

Carrie Arnold said...

All I have to say is:

Polish and proud of it!

There's a great song called "Food" by Deirdre Flint and I tried to hunt down the lyrics but couldn't. I've been meaning to download the actual song, so I'll see if I can't send it along.