Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ellyn Satter's rules for eating

The incomparable Ellyn Satter has posted another newsletter to her website, this one (like the previous two) geared toward helping pregnant women figure out how to eat well despite the growing pressure to not gain much weight during pregnancy.

But these rules apply just as much to those of us who are not (and never will be again!) pregnant, so I'm taking the liberty of summing them up here. Then go read the whole thing yourself.

• Encourage each woman to be positive and reliable about taking care of herself with food
• Emphasize pleasure as a guiding principle in food selection
• Teach and support internal regulation of food intake
• Teach and model body trust

Great rules for mothers-to-be, both to help take care of themselves and to make sure that their attitudes toward food and body image are in good shape as they begin the process of raising the next generation.

If only more clinicians and researchers felt this way.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this link, Harriet. You and Ellyn Satter make a good team (although I know you don't actually work together, you probably could!).

Harriet said...

What a compliment! Do you know Ellyn?

Anonymous said...

I don't know Ellyn, but I discovered her books many years ago (when my first daughter was born, in 1991) and I love what she has to say. You and she both "get it."

Carrie Arnold said...

My dietician uses Ellyn's approach to food and weight. In fact, other than EDs, she also specializes in pregnancy nutrition (for those with food allergies, special nutritional needs, and yes, history of or current ED).

That's the one thing I'm really working on is how to trust myself.