Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This is what dieting can lead to

This excerpt from a brave, honest livejournal entry, addressed to the "pro-ana" contingent, made me cry. Of course not everyone who diets will become anorexic. But everyone who becomes anorexic goes through this. It's heartbreaking. It's lifebreaking.

"I have anorexia.

Not 'pro-anorexia,'
Not a strict weight loss obsession.

The last 6 months of my life have been hell.

I have watched everything I love slowly deteriorate around me, my own little world be turned completely on its head. I have damaged myself beyond repair and hurt those i love time and time and time again.
And I cannot control it.
Because it is a disease.
It is a condition.

And right now, it's very very bad for me.

I cannot express my frustration with those people who exploit the anorexic condition by using it to starve themselves as a weightloss strategy.
I want to eat.
I want my life back.
Anorexia stops me.
I'm fighting it, but it's hard. the hardest thing I've ever done.
How dare you all, sit there and wish for this.
Get out now while you can.
Please. I wish I could."


Kate Harding said...

Harriet, thought you might be pleased to know this came up on my Google Alert for blogs with the keyword "dieting." You can imagine what most of those blogs sound like -- it was incredibly refreshing to see something like this among them.

My heart breaks for the woman you quote here. I really hope some people Googling for diet tips will run across this.

Harriet said...

That's exactly why I posted this, Kate. Thanks for pointing it out.