Thursday, December 29, 2011

You're invited

to the next--and probably last one for a while--Maudsley Parents conference. This one is very exciting, because it's covering not just Family-Based Treatment but a broader spectrum of issues in child and adolescent eating disorders.

The one-day conference will bring together families, clinicians, and experts to talk about the current state of treatment in child and adolescent eating disorders and new directions for the future. It's being held in an absolutely gorgeous hotel, the Pearl River Hilton, in Pearl River, NY, about an hour outside of New York City.

Featured speakers include Debra Katzman, MD, on the current state of treatment for kids and teens with eating disorders; Rebecka Peebles, MD, on the medical side of treating kids and teens; Katharine Loeb, PhD, on the need for early intervention (and how best to achieve it); Evelyn Attia, MD, on the role of medication in treating eating disorders in kids and teens; and Daniel LeGrange, PhD, on working with families from both a therapist's and parent's point of view. Oh, and I'll be talking about the parents' perspective as well.

We've worked hard to keep the price reasonable, so families who are already financially stressed can attend. If you register before 12/31, the cost is $60; after 1/1 it's $75. We've reserved a block of rooms. For more information and to register, click here.

So please join us for what promises to be an educational and entertaining day! See you there.


Bonnie said...

Hi Harriet
I was so excited to see the conference date. The line up of speakers would be very informative and helpful.All that knowledge and experience on eating disorders is in my mind a great step forward for child and adolecent eating disorders.I wish that I could attend,distance and financing makes that impossible. My question is will there be a transcript, video on this conference available for purchase?.Or a possible skype broadcast on the speakers only.
I really hunger for new knowledge and information to help my child.

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Harriet said...

Hi Bonnie,
We haven't typically done any transcripts, etc. We're a pretty small operation and just don't have the womanpower to do it. We might be able to post powerpoints--I'll check on that. How far away are you?

Jane Cawley said...

We'll definitely have PowerPoint presentations up after the conference and may have recordings of some of the talks. It's partially a $ problem. We've pared expenses as much as possible to keep the event as affordable as possible for families, students and community clinicians.

Bonnie said...

Hi Jane:
I understand the $ problem.I agree with keeping the cost down.
We need the ones that can get to the conference to share their knowledge on the broader spectrum on eating disorders.
Any powerpoints or recording in Maudsley Parents blog or linked to Harriets blog would be helpful. Keep us update.

Harriet: Iam proud to call Saskatchewan, Canada my home.I enjoy your blog.

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