Monday, October 18, 2010

Family-based treatment in the New York Times

Great story by Roni Rabin in tomorrow's New York Times about family-based treatment for anorexia. Nice interviews with Rina Ranalli, whose daughter recovered using FBT; Dr. Daniel le Grange of the University of Chicago; and moi.

Change is coming. And it's about bloody well time.


Ashley said...

Wow I am pleasantly surprised at the approach of dealing with anorexia in the story. There definitely needs to be a change in how society deals with it.

drew said...

Just finished your book last night — in a one day, glued-to-the-page swoop.

It's a beautiful, painful, heart-wrenching, hopeful work!

I really appreciate your perspective on eating disorders, and that the illness is not the person. A very important distinction that I had lost, or perhaps never grasped, all these years.

I also appreciate your advocacy for health care that covers eating disorders and mental health issues.

Thank you for sharing your family's profound, life-changing, experience.

Harriet said...

Thanks, Ashley, and Drew. I'm glad the book meant something to you. That's why I write. :)

Clair said...

And how NOT to do the family treatment:

Better for mum to stop stuffing her face, no?

Harriet said...

Clair, What makes you think Mom is "stuffing her face"? Being fat does not equal "stuffing your face."