Sunday, November 08, 2009

Newsflash: HAES Really Works!

At least, according to researchers at Laval University in Quebec, who have just published the results of a randomized trial comparing Health at Every Size with other food-related interventions.

The study involved premenopausal women considered overweight or obese, who spent time either in an HAES group, a support group, or a control group. A year after the trial had ended, the women in the HAES group had less "situational susceptibility to disinhibition," meaning they were less likely than women in the other two groups to overeat when triggered by stress, abundance, and other external situations. Women in both the HAES and support groups ate less in response to perceptions of hunger.

I'm a little irked that the ScienceDaily writeup of the study refers to HAES as a "new weight paradigm." But hey, it's still good news, and the beginning, I hope, of more studies looking at the benefits of HAES. Now, if only I could get these study results to the last group of doctors I spoke to . . .


Nicholas Perkins said...

Maybe if more people put some time and effort into studying HAES, they could start putting it in place from a younger age. It might stop all these people feeling the need to harm themselves to fit the ideal of "norm" that is forced on us.

And perhaps we'll be all healthier afterall.

Harriet said...

I'm with you, Nicholas.