Thursday, May 21, 2009

Do you live in Australia? If so, read on . . .

Eating disorders are a huge problem Down Under. And now the Australian government is talking about a project that takes my breath away with its foresight and thoughtfulness. The Australian minister for youth, Kate Ellis, wants to, as she says, "develop a strategic national approach to tackle negative body image in a coordinated, targeted and effective way."

Ellis has created an online consultation on body image, with an eye toward creating a "code of conduct" for media, advertisers, and the fashion industry. Wow. I think Kate Ellis is my new favorite government official on any continent.

If you live in Australia, you can help by taking this online survey. (La-Di-Da over at Fatomatic suggested that anyone could take the survey, but I tried this morning, and you can't complete the survey unless you live in an Australian state. Or at least say you do.)

I look forward to following this story as it develops. Frankly, just to have someone like Ellis ask the questions is very heartening no matter what happens next.


Isabel said...

It would be wonderful to treat Body Image as a world health problem that deserves attention.

Anonymous said...

They're also asking for public submissions on the issue, and La-Di-Da and I are looking at trying to get anyone in the fat-o-sphere who is interested to help out writing one. There are so many bright people out there with excellent ideas that the Australian government needs to hear, whether or not they come from Australian citizens!

So anyone who would be interested in contributing can let us know at Fatomatic or on my blog.

Bron said...

Thank you very much for posting this Harriet. As an Australian I've got over that initial hurdle and made a submission. As randomquorum mentions, they are asking for public submissions and I suspect they'd welcome anyone with something constructive to say.