Monday, February 02, 2009

The world's funniest complaint letter

has got to be this one, written by a passenger on one of Virgin Air's India to England flights in December. Don't miss the photographs of food--that's the tangential link to the subject matter of this blog.

I haven't read anything food-related that's this funny since I read Wendy McClure's Candyboots site. If you haven't seen that, please go there right now. Don't read it while eating or at work.


Anonymous said...

LOL. Have you seen the recipe for "Bacon Explosion" making the rounds on the web? It might be a good antidote to Chilled Celery Log. I appreciate the artistry of the woven bacon.

Anonymous said...

Harriet, Wendy McClure has a whole book of that stuff, including the cards from the Candyboots site. It's called The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan. OMG is it hilarious. It's one of the things I pick up when I'm having a trying day and really need a good laugh.

JeanC said...

That complaint letter was simply priceless LOL!

RE: the bacon explosion, that is a very popular topic on several of the foodie boards I am on and I believe a couple people actually tried it and loved it. I'm not to sure about wanting to try it or turn away it makes my heart hurt (and I love all things bacon LOL).

Harriet said...

Zee bacon explosion, yes indeed! Could be a new book for someone. Meowser, I've seen Wendy's book and love it. I first read the Candyboots site at work. Bad idea. I nearly peed in my pants.