Friday, January 16, 2009

Tell President-elect Obama how you feel

Here's a chance to contribute to the next administration's health care agenda: Take 10 minutes to go to this site and post about an issue you care about. Mental health parity? Health at Every Size? More funding for eating disorders research? Whatever's near and dear to your heart, tell the change team. Today. Really. Because how often do we get a chance like this?


Anonymous said...

Hi Harriet,

Thanks! But i couldn't get the link. Could you please re-publish it?

Also, I do think this is a very important aspect. Educating ourselves and the world,with what we do know, including Oprah and the folks she works with, re: the roots of eating disorders, ways to prevent them, how our culture contributes to futhering eating disorders and healthier ways of being (ie: as you so artfully teach: accepting ourselves, and our bodies, and therefore not starting or encouraging the negative self-talk, that encourages the thriving of eating disorders. And not dieting).


Harriet said...

Hi Ellen,
It seems the site is under construction. The link is Maybe it was overwhelmed by lots of input. I hope so!