Sunday, November 02, 2008

Need a laugh?

Things have been a bit slow on the blog lately. Sorry about that--being a first-time professor takes up a lot of time, as it turns out! This post, The OCD Diet, should make up for that. Don't read this at work, unless you don't mind falling on the floor laughing hysterically in front of your colleagues.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely ruddy hilarious - thank you so much for linking to this!

Anonymous said...

Genius! Absolute flipping genius!
I'm seriously considering the consumption of Wednesday's brekkie on a daily basis!


Tiptoe said...

That was quite funny. Some of those combinations were horrifying, and made my stomach churn, but humorously worded.

Off topic, but just wanted to say, I read your piece on "finding your dream house" recently and found it really moving.

Lisa Sargese said...

Hey! I'm a professor, too!! And I'm fat. And I'm recovering from an eating disorder. Love ya!

Lisa Romeo said...

Great. Needed some levity today. Thinking seriously about heading to my son's Halloween stash and testing my food rhyming skills!

Harriet said...

Where do you teach?

Tiptoe, thank you. I haven't seen the piece myself yet but my editor swore it looked great. :-)