Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Free bulimia treatment

A research team at University of North Carolina, led by the fabulous Cindy Bulik, is looking for people with bulimia to take part in a pioneering study on treating this disease.

The study takes place at two sites: UNC, in Chapel Hill, and University of Pittsburgh. But you may not have to live in either of those places to enroll in the study, because half the study participants will be randomized to what researchers are calling CBT4BN, a web-based treatment involving weekly on-line chats with therapists and other distance elements.

The idea is to get treatment to people who may not have access to a therapist trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is currently the gold standard of treatment for adults with bulimia. The Maudsley approach has shown great promise for adolescents with bulimia.

Eating disorders are terrible, life-sucking diseases, and their treatment is still largely mysterious. Studies like this one are literally a lifeline to people struggling with EDs. So thank you Cindy, and the rest of the team, for doing this crucial work. Those of us who have seen people we love come suffer with an ED are very grateful.


Anonymous said...

who do we contact to get involved in this?
cassie clevenger

Harriet said...

For additional information about the study, go to or call (919) 966-2882.