Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It stands to reason

that if your knees have deteriorated enough to limit your mobility, you are less able to exercise. But that little piece of common sense hasn't stopped the British health care system, which refuses knee replacements to Britons who are considered "clinically obese"--with BMIs of over 30.

Now a study from the University of Southampton demonstrates that yes, Virginia, fat people benefit from knee replacements, too.

Just for a little context: My BMI is 30.9. I am a physically active person who bikes or walks to work (3 miles), runs up stairs, bikes 8 or 10 miles for fun, and loves to go dancing. If I needed a new knee, I would be one pissed-off person if I was told I was too fat to get one.

For once, common sense may prevail. Though let's see if the NHS changes its policies before we celebrate.

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