Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A headline I couldn't resist

Obesity Researchers May Need Jaws Wired Shut

Warning: There's an egregious fattie picture accompanying this article--not headless but with eyes rolled back in ecstasy? abandon? seizure? as the fork is lifted. But there are some pretty good lines in here.


Kate Harding said...

Best headline ever.

Anonymous said...

And I have to say, I love their designation of one of the diets (where some kind of "flavor crystals" are apparently recommended as a way of altering foodstuff to make whatever kind of People Chow is being promoted for the diet palatable) as the "Splenda-MSG" diet.

Because that's one of my BIG BIG issues with some diets/weight loss programs. They make claims like, "If you're hungry for corn chips, eat some celery instead! It tastes just as good!"

Yeah, just keep on peeing on my leg and claiming it's raining....

As much as I hate the photo in that article, I'm glad that some people are beginning to twig to the fact that the public is by and large really really sick of being told "Don't eat this! No, wait, don't eat that!" and having fifteen different "life plans," all with contradictory advice, shoved in their faces.

Harriet said...


The photo has been replaced by a more neutral image of a fork and a tape measure. Thanks, guys.