Tuesday, June 03, 2008

And this just in: Aetna settles!

Remember the class action lawsuit brought by New Jersey mom Dawn Beye, among other plaintiffs?

Well, Aetna, the insurer in question, has just settled. Not only will it pay 100 or so New Jersey families whose e.d.-related claims were denied, but:

For people enrolled in fully insured policies, "Aetna shall cover claims submitted by Aetna Insureds for the diagnosis, care and treatment of eating disorders in the same manner as biologically based mental illnesses," the May 22 settlement in DeVito v. Aetna Inc., civ-07-418 says.

I'm lifting my breakfast fork in celebration here. The Aetna settlement closely follows the Minnesota Blue Cross Blue Shield settlement brokered by a suit involving Kitty Westin some years ago.

This is Progress with a capital P. Go read for yourself.


Anonymous said...

This is great news. I hate that insurance companies have to be forced to cover certain illnesses, but certainly better late than never.

mary said...

Calls for a celebration!

Shame we have to fight for obvious needs.