Thursday, April 10, 2008

For readers in the U.K. . . .

Maybe you've already heard about Scarlet Magazine's campaign to ban fat jokes on TV. As editor in chief Sarah Hedley puts it:

Ordinarily, I’m a big fan of Alan Carr, but I only got as far as the second episode of his new Channel 4 show Celebrity Ding Dong before I began to feel uncomfortablewith the format. Pitting celebs against ‘civilians’, as we’re referred to on the show, is one thing, but having a laugh at the expense of the morbidly obese is quite another. Sadly this is what viewers were expected to do in episode two when Davina McCall and team were asked which was bigger, Posh Spice’s waist or obese civilian Tracey’s arm. The celebrity team hazarded a guess, then Tracey was brought on set and measured to prove just how big she was, while the world was invited to point and laugh.

She then goes on to compare obesity to cancer, unfortunately. Still you have an opportunity to sign a digital petition on the subject if you like.

Makes you wish for the good old days of Benny Hill, now, don't it? :-)


cynth said...

You can watch the episode with Tracy on it here.

The question about her starts at 8:13.

There is a thread at Dimensions magazine where Tracy responds to some questions and her experience on the show. You can view that here.

Fiona Marcella said...

I hadn't heard of the campaign, or indeed of the magazine, but will now take a look. Ah the good old days - Benny Hill, the Carry On's, Up Pompei - politically incorrect and condescending to women the lot of them but the present crop of humour isn't any better, just different and at least they were very funny.

Carrie Arnold said...

First of all, any post that falls into a self-created category of "celebrity ding dong" almost has to be good. :)

Secondly, if they asked me to guess, I would probably say something like, "Actually, your lip will be fatter after I pop you square in your rude little mouth."

Thirdly, has anyone said anything about the fact that Posh Spice's waist is so small that people are measuring *arms* to compare it to?