Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One reader's description of the war on obesity

"It's as if an anal retentive ED is running the world."

So well said, by Mary, that I thought it deserved its very own post.

Thanks, Mary.


mary said...

So this is my claim to fame? : )
Maybe I should stop posting when I'm plastered....just kidding...I don't drink. I'll get off my pedestal now.

thanks Harriet

Fiona Marcella said...

You always have had a way with words Mary my friend. Keep going. You're wonderful

Carrie Arnold said...

I agree with Marcella- you DO have a wonderful way with words. Perhaps because you're just so darn honest... :) /************

Hope said...

Mary, you have such a unique way of looking at the world. Keep sharing your honesty and positive outlook. You're a real "treasure"


mary said...

Hurry up and post a new topic Harriet! I am working on making a crown and my head is getting too big to wear it.
Flattery really is hard to swallow.
Thanks friends.

Harriet said...

Here you go, Mary. :-)