Monday, January 28, 2008

And while we're on the subject of mixed messages . . .

Read this story from a news station in Tennessee.

They can't quite get the story straight, can they? Is it the scary overweight teens, or is it the scary eating-disordered teens?

Oh, and P.S.: By the time you notice changes to someone's hair, nails, and teeth, they're deep in an eating disorder. If you want to be helpful to parents, give them some earlier warning signs to look for, like preoccupation with cooking, excuses for not eating, cutting out whole categories of food, using the bathroom after every meal, etc.


littlem said...

It's both. How else are you going to give the wimmins enough cognitive dissonance so that they cede control over their own lives to you?

Gurlz/wimmins don't know what they want. Only menz.

Harriet said...

Oh yeah. Silly me.

Anniee451 said...

Well I don't know about that - after all one of the shrillest voices for fat hatred is Meme Roth, after all.

Anyway, I got to the part about rotten teeth and thought "What the hell?" takes time to rot a tooth! By the time you're losing hair, you're badly malnourished. How the hell could it possibly help parents to know the symptoms of the full-blown eating disorders instead of early indicators? Because we should let them at least get down to their ideal weights first? It's lunacy.

Anonymous said...

Ya, Me!Me!Me! is pretty shrill, and I should have been more precise.

I didn't mean to say that only men are fat-haters. I think, however, that most female fat-haters are patriarchal apologists and/or Stockholm Syndrome victims, because the "rewards" that a patriarchal system offers women still benefit men more than women.

Not to go too far off topic, but the irony of Me!Me!'s "staying thin for Eddie Van Halen" (GLAP) who married "chubby" Valerie and not her, will probably never cease to amuse me.

(I know VB currently shills for Jenny Craig, which spins off into yet another place -- and I just wanted to point out that even if you play by the patriarchy's rules -- even as a survival skill -- if you're a girl you're still going to get shafted. Because the system -- and it's the system I was ranting about in my first post, and I was just sloppy about it -- is set up to shaft you.

Also I just wanted to snark more on Me!ME! 'cuz I think she iz teh eeeevil. She is a textbook example of a patriarchal apologist tool.)