Friday, August 31, 2007

F as in Fat, K as in Knee-Jerk

On our last morning in Utah I picked up a copy of the Salt Lake City Tribne and was appalled (but not shocked, alas) to read an editorial based on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report mentioned a few days ago. Its concluding paragraph:

If you're "F" as in fat, you'll be "D" as in dead.

Talk about scare tactics. . . .

I haven't done a search, but I wonder how many other newspapers picked this up and ran with it.


mary said...

Strange wording he used!
Wonder if he thinks that people who fall in between the lines on the charts don't die? Never? They just keeping walking. : ) Now that's a scary thought!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever notice they never use the word "whopping" quite so much as in an article about the Big Scary Obesity Epidemic?

Anonymous said...

So if you are thin, you live forever??

Anonymous said...

If my choices are:
A for Asshole
B for Bastard
C for something FAR too rude to say in most company
D for Dead
F for Fat

... I'll take my chances with Fat, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, Harriet. I took the time to register on the paper's Web site, and I posted a reply pointing out, as the comments above do, that we'll all eventually be D for dead.

Anonymous said...

F as in Fat, K as in Knee-Jerk

... but what about the U and the C?

(and the Y-O-U-S-A-L-T-L-A-K-E-C-I-T-Y-T-R-I-B-U-N-E)

Carrie Arnold said...

How about "Whoever said this is "I" as in ignorant"?

There was quite a lot of the use of the word "whopping." It's a great word, but not in this context.


I'll leave someone of higher mental capacity than I to take on your challenge. ;)

Katy said...

Gee, what wisdom. But I have breaking news for this guy:

We're. All. Going. To. Die.

Fat people haven't cornered the market on this one. Or did I miss a memo?

Harriet said...

So fear of fat wards off mortality. Thinness is the fountain of youth, while fat is an express elevator down.

That would explain some of the hysteria.