Monday, April 16, 2007

Clinton's crusade

Bill Clinton's new crusade against obesity is making headlines and blogs around the world. The media just can't resist the image of a formerly fat former president calling for more ammo in the war against obesity.

If only Clinton would harness his power for good--imagine what he could accomplish!

Don't get me wrong--I'm an FOB (fan of Bill's) from way back. But I sure wish he'd take a stand for something truly meaningful, like national health insurance or truly meaningful mental health parity. Or how about pushing for an hour-long school lunch, like the French have? Or daily recess for all schoolkids?

And hey, Bill, as you wield your influence for the good of children everywhere, I hope you will take the time to educate yourself about eating disorders. I hope your efforts stay focused on supporting children's health in all ways rather than fat-bashing--which we all know is ineffective at best and cruelly destructive at worst. I would hate to see more of what helped trigger my daughter into food restricting and, ultimately, anorexia: mindless labeling of "good" foods and "bad" foods, fear-mongering at the table, and more prejudice against those who don't conform to cultural ideals.


Anonymous said...

An hour-long school lunch? What a good idea. My school district is pushing to have our 2000-student high school go from three lunch periods to one. I told my daughters (who, along with me, oppose this idea) that this would be a good way to get people not to eat. Who will have time or room to do so?

Harriet said...

Yes, in France they not only have an hour-long lunch--schools have chefs. No principals, but they have chefs. Personally I think this is getting the priorities straight!

My daughter's high school went to one lunch period, but they made it a full hour. Because of that, it's worked out OK. Where's your school district?

Anonymous said...

Middleton. Is West a good model?

Harriet said...

It's probably the model Middleton is using. I think it's worked out pretty well so far.