Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New York City, here we come!

I'm always excited to be heading back to New York City. I lived there for 14 years, most recently here. Next Tuesday my friend Gale and I will be heading east for 4 days in the city I love most of all.

Tuesday night I go right from the airport to a midtown radio studio, where I'm a guest on the "Busted Halo Show" with Father Dave Dwyer. That should be interesting! Then it's uptown to 190th Street to stay with dear old friend (and ex-Mr. Wrong) and his really great wife. (It really is true--one woman's Mr. Wrong is another woman's dream come true!)

Wednesday night is The New York Reading. Come on out and have a good time! I'm bringing some of these with me, unless airplane security takes them away before we board. Some of my favorite writers are reading, too--Roxana Robinson, Catherine Texier, Dana Kinstler, Raphael Kadushin, and me. 7 o'clock, Barnes & Noble, 82nd & Broadway. I'm bringing my Mr. Wrong T-shirts, too--maybe you'll win one at the reading.

Oh, and along the way I plan to eat a lot of Japanese food. Yum. At my favorite restaurant, Natori, if it's still around.

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