Tuesday, December 19, 2006

And another Leaden Fork award goes to . . .

economist Susan Lee, whose December 4 commentary on public radio's Marketplace show began like this: "How much you weighed used to be a private matter. If you wanted to look like a tub of lard, that was pretty much your business. But now fat is a public issue."

And included this line later on: "Why else would people be willing to pay extra to make sure that no kid looks like a tub of lard?"

Tub of lard? Is this how we really want to describe a child or adult who's overweight? Since when does this level of judgment belong in an economist's commentary on public radio?

I haven't heard anyone use that kind of language since 7th grade. Maybe 6th. Susan, in case you aren't aware of this, words are powerful. There's no call for that kind of demeaning, demoralizing, judgmental language from anyone in the media.

Read Lee's whole commentary here. Then tell the folks at Marketplace what you think of her choice of words here.

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