Sunday, January 07, 2007

Anorexia treatment and mixed messages

Recently I talked to a mom whose daughter is struggling with anorexia, and she told me about an appointment they'd had with their pediatrician, who'd been quick to notice the issue and to push for early intervention. The doctor said to the girl, "You need to drink a milkshake every day." Then she added, "But of course, it's your choice."

I've heard this kind of story over and over again, and it makes me crazy. As this mom astutely commented, "Would a doctor ever prescribe an antibiotic for an infection, but then say it was your choice whether to take it or not?"

When it comes to anorexia, way too often the medical profession is willing to settle for inadequate treatment and mixed messages. Would a doctor tell a diabetic it was his choice to take insulin?


Diane Viere said...

I found your blog while doing a bit of research following a week's worth of posting by two blogging friends--a mother/daughter perspective of Kristen's journey through Anorexia. You may be interested in their stories.

Kristen's blog can be found at

Dawn's blog address is:

mulungu said...

Harriet, hello from Brazil... so sorry for my english but I really like to tell you how interesting are your papers and your point of view about Anorexia! Dont stop to writte them! Go ahead! Rodrigo!

Harriet said...

Hi Rodrigo,
Thanks for your comment. I've been reading a lot about anorexia in Brazil right now--seems like it's something everyone is talking about. What do you know about it?