Sunday, September 18, 2011

Upcoming events

In honor of the paperback version of Brave Girl Eating, which was just released, I'm doing some events this fall, and I'd love to see you at any of them. Here's what's coming up:

Thursday, October 6: I'll be reading at Syracuse University's Nonfiction Reading Series. This should be an informal chance to hear excerpts of the book and talk. 3:30-5 p.m., 500 Hall of Languages, on the Syracuse University campus. Free!

Thursday, October 13th: I'll be reading from the book, along with Randy Cohen, who write "The Ethicist" column for the NY Times magazine for many years; poet Charles Martin; and others. 6 p.m. At Lubin House, 11 E. 61st St., NYC. Free!

Thursday, October 20: I'll be reading from the book, and facilitating a conversation with Dr. Daniel le Grange and families who have struggled with eating disorders. This will be an informal evening, with chances to connect and talk and ask questions. Sponsored by Maudsley Parents. 7 p.m. At the University of Chicago's Quad Club, 1155 E. 57th Street, Chicago, IL. FREE, but please RSVP to or or call Leah Boepple at 773-702-0789.

Hope to see you in Syracuse, New York or Chicago!


The Bald Soprano said...

I know someone who's thinking about having her writing class go to your talk at SU.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had 15 min with you - I'm half way through your
Book Brave girl eating and it's almost as if
You've been in our household for the past two
Months capturing moment to moment - even though
She is my step daughter it's the hardest thing I've
Ever experienced and my heart breaks daily
For her.

Harriet said...

Oh, Anonymous, hang in there. It really does get better. And once she's better a lot of the worst stuff will fade for her (maybe not for you). You're a good stepmom.

paula said...

Please tell me how you're daughter is doing today. I, too, read your book (and am now reading Feed Me) and went thru a 10 week intensive opd using the Maudsley Family therapy. We are now "on our own" with a weekly visit to both a therapist and nutritionist. I was so disappointed when I finished your book, because I thought it would be a happy ending (cured and eating). In retrospect, I can now see that it doesn't usually end that way and it's more of a process. Is your daughter now healthy and eating?? How many relapses until she got there (hoping she did, in fact, get there)? Thanks for the was a tremendous help.

Harriet said...

Thanks for asking. She's doing much much better physically and has made amazing progress mentally. I can see now she's in a process, and I am confident she's going to get there. It just is taking a bit more time than I imagined it would.

Hang in there.