Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Maudsley Parents conference: San Diego, Jan. 21, 2011

For those of you on the West Coast (or those who wouldn't mind a sunny interlude in January), Maudsley Parents is pleased to announce that registration is open for our next conference, scheduled for Jan. 21, 2011, in San Diego.

The fabulous lineup for this one-day conference includes a talk on the neurobiology of eating disorders by Dr. Walter Kaye of the University of California-San Diego; a talk on family-based treatment (FBT) by Dr. Daniel le Grange of the University of Chicago; an interactive session on FBT by Dr. le Grange and Dr. Renee Hoste, also of University of Chicago; and a dynamic presentation on multi-family treatment for eating disorders by Roxanne Rockwell, the lead therapist at the University of California-San Diego's Eating Disorders Program. I've worked with all of these professionals, and they're amazing. I'll also be doing a reading from my book, Brave Girl Eating.

Register before November 30 and get the early bird rate of only $60 for a day full of education (and lunch!). For more information, click here. Hope to see you in San Diego!


Anonymous said...

We are going to be registering three parents - mom, bio dad and bonus dad - and really look forward to it!

Cathy V

Amanda Harris said...

Best of luck on the readings, from one author to another. On a different note, I appreciate everything you're doing. Unfortunately, you cannot always tell someone who's suffering from an eating disorder strictly by looks. I really and truly wish that the criterion for diagnosis was widened. The last thing a sufferer (of anorexia) needs to hear is that she's not thin enough to get treatment.

Harriet said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Amanda.

Ari J. Brattkus said...

Hey SeminarLady,
Mayarimom here -- I just registered too! We live in LA so I will be waking up VERRRRRY early to drive down!

Anonymous said...

Too bad I live in VA! I wish I could go!! Lucky ducks! ;)