Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy merry to you!

I thought this study might be a fitting gift of the season to my blog readers. Because Feed Me! is about more than nutrition and eating--it's about feeing yourself spiritually and emotionally as well.

Enjoy--and happy new year!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting, there was also a study done on kids with ADHD which showed that a walk in a park improved their performance on a memory/attention task.

Anyway, yay for green spaces and gardening magazines!

Anonymous said...

Being outside works for me. Happy New Year!

mary said...

I always feel rejuvenated when I get fresh air! Thank you Harriet.
Is that a woman I see in the tree? I'll go get my binoculars. Holy cow, I think it's Laura.

Happy Holidays Harriet, Jane, Fiona, Carrie, Laura, and All.

Anonymous said...

I always feel better after getting some air, but not in forests or wild places. All I think about is how many spiders are probably in the trees and grass and shrubs - it kind of ruins the relaxation. I'm weird though.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog! Keep it up!