Thursday, January 24, 2008

Support group meeting tonight

Sorry for the late notice--the Madison, Wisconsin support group of parents of children with eating disorders is meeting tonight. This is a loose, informal group that i've convened. We share resources and support, especially around family-based treatment (the Maudsley approach). Please stop by if you're in the area. The meeting is at Barriques on Monroe Street at 7:30.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. My name is Moira, and I couldn't help noticing your comment that the BMI for overweight was lowered to 25 and obesity at 30. I've also noticed in my line of work that doctors lowered what the accepted upper limit for blood pressure should be as well, from 140/90 to 130/80. And just the other day I was called full figured for the first time in my life. What does it all mean? Is there someone out there who wants me to believe that every one of us has a problem needing intervention when we might just be fine as we are?