Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Finally, we're talking about eating (rather than weight)

Amid the usual hysterical news stories about the so-called obesity epidemic I was pleased to come across an item about new research out of Penn State looking at eating competence as a risk factor in heart disease.

Using an eating competence scale developed by Ellyn Satter, researchers found that--surprise, surprise--people at risk for heart disease fared better when they were "confident, comfortable, and flexible with their eating habits."

Being comfortable with your eating seems to mitigate other risk factors, including elevated LDL cholesterol. It's process over product, holistic health over health-by-the-numbers. It's the act of eating rather than the rigidly controlled carbs and calories approach.

Now we know the truth: fear of food is bad for your health. Mangia va bene!


mary said...

there you go!
Seriously fear seems to be the culprit or claw that gets it's grip with an ED. Trusting a carer or parent even when it feels weird is what helps them out.

Unknown said...

I think you are so right - this is the direction to go!

Anonymous said...

About time, although I'll be surprised if it's mentioned anywhere outside this blog. I mean, like on TV for example. Anti-fear & hysteria news, just doesn't get the same ratings.

Unknown said...

Fear, loathing, and shame--in other words, the American way of life--are far more toxic than, say, celebration, nurturing, comfort. Eating competence, being comfortable with what I choose to eat, is such a foreign concept. I long to live in a world where eating competence is the norm and where everyone is free to celebrate her body, her meals, her vitality. I can dream, can't I?