Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Seeking adults with anorexia for interview

I'm working on a magazine feature for HEALTH magazine about adults with anorexia and am looking for women in their 30s and 40s who would be interested in being interviewed. The original scope of this project was on people who developed anorexia as adults, but it's now changed to women who are still suffering from anorexia as adults, no matter when they developed it.

If you fit the criteria and you've already talked to me, please get in touch again--I lost my records in a computer crash.

If you're willing to talk by phone, please email me off list. I promise it's a sensitively written article, the purpose of which is to help educate mainstream readers about anorexia. God knows they need it!


carrie said...

Crap...three years too young. Otherwise I'd love to do it.

Offer remains, however.


Harriet Brown said...

Thanks, Carrie. If it were up to me I'd love to interview you. Are you thre eyears shy of 30?

carrie said...

Yep. I'll be 27 in two weeks.

Most people look at me and think I'm no older than 20.

Trisha said...

Hi Harriot,

My name is Trisha Gura and I am author of “Lying in Weight: the Hidden Epidemic of Eating Disorders in Adult Women” (Harper Collins, May 2007). I wrote a book about the very group of women you are trying to find. I have also written for Health in the past. Perhaps we should talk.

Trisha Gura

Anorexia Eats said...

Hi...I am a 31 year old woman suffering from Anorexia and in denial about treatment. See my blog here on blog spot and see if interested...