Thursday, January 18, 2007

Have dinner with your family on Feb. 25!

Just in case you needed a reason to make family dinners more of a priority, here are some fascinating statistics:

* Kids whose families eat dinner together more often eat better and show less eating-disordered behavior than kids whose families eat together less often

* Kids whose families eat dinner together three times a week or less are twice as likely to try marijuana and cigarettes and 1-1/2 times likelier to try alcohol than those whose families eat together 5-7 times a week

* A 2001 University of Michigan study found that family meals trumped most other predictive factors in kids’ lives, including amount of time spent in school, studying, church, playing sports, and in art activities. When the results were statistically controlled for gender, race, family structure and employment, income, social class, parents’ education and age, and family size, family meals were still the single strongest predictor of better achievement scores and fewer behavioral problems
And what better way to honor National Eating Disorders Week this February than to schedule a family dinner?

To celebrate the role of family support in recovery from eating disorders, the Maudsley Parents group (of which I am proud to be a founding member) will sponsor a worldwide Family Dinner on February 25. Sign up to share a meal with your family that day, and you'll receive a Gold Fork pin and NEDAW materials on request.

My family's in--how about yours?

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